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In extreme cold, checking your tire pressure can be critical

In the winter, you may have a list of regular services you perform on your car. You might switch to winter tires, or you may stock your car with chains. But one safety step many people fail to take is regularly ensuring their tire pressure is within a safe range.

In cold winter weather, the air in your car’s tires contracts—causing the tire pressure to drop. For every 10 degrees the air temperature drops, your tires lose an average of two pounds of pressure per square inch (PSI). Low PSI can create serious safety risks on the road.

Car accident rates spike on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl LIII is just around the corner, and Alaskans are gearing up for the "most watched sporting event in the world." For many of us, the Super Bowl is an important tradition. It's a time when we get to spend the whole day relaxing with family and friends--where the only activities are eating, drinking and watching the game.

However, when you're mindlessly sipping beer over the course of the day, it can be easy to lose track of how much you've had to drink--and the effect it has on your impairment. For this reason, Super Bowl Sunday is one of the drunkest days of the year. Drunk driving accidents surge on this day--turning an otherwise happy event into a tragic one for many.

Do you know the safe way to fall?

In a previous post, we discussed the serious injuries that can result from slip-and-fall accidents—particularly as we get older. When we your kids, our bodies were quite resilient, and falling down was no big deal. But as adults, our increased height and body mass—not to mention our more brittle bones—mean that a simple tumble can have more severe consequences.

Unless you made a career as a professional athlete or stunt double, you probably haven’t learned the best way to avoid injuries when you fall. In today’s post, we outline a few basic tips to avoid causing yourself harm in a fall:

Tips to stay safe while riding during the winter

A little snow won't stop dedicated motorcyclists from riding - especially in Alaska. However, winter is a dangerous season for riders and other drivers as the roads get slippery and the temperature drops. The streets will only get worse as the bitter months continue.

Luckily, there are a few safety tips that motorcycle enthusiasts can quickly implement into their routine. Many of these tips may already be a part of a responsible driver's ride.

Government shutdown could lead to increased personal injury

We are nearly a month into the partial government shutdown, and there is still no sign of a resolution on the horizon. This has meant that more than 800,000 federal employees—as well as many other government contractors—have been furloughed or are working without pay.

If you’re lucky enough to have a nest egg saved away for a rainy day, going a month without pay may not seem very onerous. But for the majority of Americans who don’t have even $400 in emergency savings, work without pay is a devastating hypothetical.

Why at-home childbirths have higher fatality rates

When you’re expecting a baby, you may be filled with excitement and anticipation. You’re also probably planning out every last detail—from your baby’s nursery to their delivery.

In the U.S., 8.3 percent of all women opt to use a midwife in their childbirth. And many of these women—preferring to have a more comfortable, natural delivery—choose to have a home birth. However, such decisions can pose serious health risks—both for mother and baby.

Reducing slippery hazards can help you avoid legal trouble

In a previous post, we discussed the obligation of every property owner to keep their sidewalks and parking spaces clear during the winter. If someone comes to your home or business and slips on the ice, they could sue you for damages.

Therefore, it’s important to understand not just your legal requirements to clear away snow and ice from your property, but also the most effective way to do it. In today’s post, we outline some basic guidelines for limiting snow- and ice-related safety hazards on your property:

New Year’s fitness goals can lead to injury

The new year is upon us. We made it through the holiday season—and little bit plumper and better rested—and now it’s time to return to normal life. If you’re like many Alaskans, you may have made a New Year’s resolution to trim down or bulk up. However, each year, physical fitness resolutions lead many people from the gym to the hospital.

At this time of year, many of us become overly zealous with our commitments to personal health. We go from zero to 60: abandoning the all-cookie diet and vowing to eat only vegetables, forgetting our deep-rooted couch potato lifestyle and enrolling in a high-intensity fitness boot camp.

Avoid unnecessary injury this New Year's Eve

It's almost time to ring in the new year once again. For many, the beginning of each year marks a time of reflection--an opportunity to take stock of your life and make resolutions to enact desired changes. It's also a time of celebration--of rowdy partying and heavy drinking.

Instances of drunk driving skyrocket on New Year's Eve--impacting intoxicated drivers and innocent victims alike. On this day of the year, traffic fatalities are as much as three times higher than on other days of the year--and many of these are caused by drunk drivers.

Don’t let your windshield freeze over while you’re on the road

Winter in Alaska means a spike in driving hazards. The snow and black ice inevitably lead to higher instances of skid-outs and accidents on the road. But there is one serious—and less commonly discussed—driving hazard: using the wrong type of windshield wiper fluid. In extreme cold conditions, spraying ineffective wiper fluid could immediately freeze your windshield over, resulting in complete blindness while you’re behind the wheel. This is an extraordinarily dangerous situation both for you and the other cars around you.

What’s the right kind of fluid?


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