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A personal touch can make all the difference during a difficult time. Attorney Jason Skala offers compassionate, one-on-one service to all his clients. He is personable and communicative, always keeping clients in the loop regarding their cases. Clients have thanked Jason for taking the stress off their shoulders after a motor vehicle accident. Not only is Jason easy to work with, he has the skill to successfully handle your legal issue.

Jason was admitted to the Alaska Bar Association in 2001. He has successfully handled medically complex cases, cases involving commercial liability, wrongful death of convicted individuals, and accident resulting in disability or death. He has won multimillion-dollar verdicts for his clients. With more than a decade of legal experience, he has the knowledge to help you achieve the best settlement possible. Your claim is in good hands at our firm.

Jason Skala – Attorney At Law

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Making A Complex Process Simple For You

Serious accidents, especially involving commercial vehicles, can lead to a complicated claims process. Insurance companies will request paperwork and official statements that could be used against you to reduce your payout. You already have enough to deal with during recovery, and a lot to process if you lost a loved one. We want to take the burden off your shoulders.

Our attorney and staff will help you file a claim with the insurance company. If you were injured due to someone else’s carelessness, then you deserve full compensation. If you are suffering spinal injuries, fractures, head injuries, residual disability or the wrongful death of a loved one, then you may be owed additional compensation for the substantial change caused by this accident. Do not settle for less than what you deserve.

We Are Ready To Help You Today

The Relief You Deserve After An Accident

At the Law Office of Jason Skala, we want to relieve your stress after an accident. You may be juggling physical recovery, medical expenses and repair costs while trying to file a claim with the insurance company. Our attorney and professional staff will keep you calm and informed while we handle your claim. We work to keep you out of injury-related debt after a: Car accident, Motorcycle accident, Truck crash, Commercial vehicle collision, Slip-and-fall accident, Oil rig accident, Airline injury.

Do not wait any longer to talk with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Call our firm, located in Anchorage, Alaska, today. We have an incentive to win because we do not get paid unless you do. Get a free consultation with Jason Skala by calling 907-569-6633, or fill out an easy online form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to file a claim in the State of Alaska?

Adults: Generally in Alaska, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is normally 2 years from the date you knew or should have known that you have a claim. This means you must settle your case within those 2 years or file a lawsuit before two years elapsed or the court will not allow you to have your day in court.

Children: If the person injured is a minor when they sustain an injury then they have until 2 years from their 18th birthday to settle their claim or file a lawsuit.

Exceptions: The most exception is delayed discovery of your injury. This sometime happens when someone has a surgery and only finds out years later that their post-surgical abdominal pain is because a medical instrument was left inside the patient. Once you discovery what happened, the clock starts to run and you have 2 year to resolve or file your case.

Another exception is fraud, which always tolls the statute until the fraud is discovered. This arises in insurance contract claims – this office once represented a family that had been in a collision and their own insurance company didn’t give them (or even tell them) that they had more than one policy of insurance that applied. We were able to successfully file suit and force a mediation for many many times the limits of their policy that their insurance hid from them.

Call our office today to protect yourself and your family so that we can resolve your case of file suit before it’s too late!

I just got into a car accident, what should I do now?

After an accident, you should follow these steps to help protect yourself from future harm:

A. JUST GATHER YOUR WITS AND STILL YOUR BODY: Lots of websites counsel you to move your car right away or start taking pictures with your phone – that’s good advice, but your health and physical safety are the most important. I’ve been in motor vehicle collisions and I know just how shocking and disorienting getting smashed by a negligent driver can be. Take a breath and assess yourself – go over you body from your head to your toes and take stock of your condition. If you feel pain in your neck or head, please don’t move and immediately:

a. Call the police and request an ambulance if you think you might be injured, especially if you lose consciousness or have a head/neck injury. People always say “I should have called the ambulance but didn’t want the expense” or “I don’t have health insurance.” Nothing is more expensive than compromising your health by delaying diagnosis and treatment. Remember, the Emergency Room will see you whether you have insurance or not.

One of the first questions an insurance company will ask you when making a claim is “when was the first time you went to see a doctor?” It’s harder to convince people a year after the fact that you were seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision if you waited weeks to seek medical care. There is simply nothing better for your recovery from injury than to get help as soon as possible. If it’s serious, folks expect you to go to see the doctor. If you didn’t, it’s a fair question to ask “why not?” Imagine if your bone was sticking out from a compound fracture you’d go immediately to the ER. Just because an injury isn’t as obvious doesn’t mean it isn’t just serious or even deadly. Go to a doctor right away!
b. If you suspect serious injury just wait for help to arrive and assist you. Head and neck injuries can be fatal, moving when injured can cause paralysis or worse! Don’t risk it b/c people are honking. Your health is what matters.
c. USE YOUR PHONE – take short video to document where your car is, where the other vehicle is (if possible) and any witnesses that come forward. Witnesses can be very important because (shocker!) stories change quickly when the consequences of poor judgment become clear. Independent witnesses can make all the difference helping a negligent driver ‘remember’ that they were in the wrong.

B. If you can safely get off the roadway you should do so to avoid secondary collisions. The roadway can be unsafe to stand or linger on, so pull your vehicle off of the roadway if you safely can. Place your emergency flashers on, and remain in your vehicle if possible, or get off to the side of the road.

C. Call the police and report the collision no matter what: You need to notify the police if there has been a collision so that they can come out and access the situation. It is vital to your claim to file a police report and have them issue a ticket, if possible, to help determine who to hold responsible for the crash. The other driver may try and lie to their insurance company or you could lose the information that was given to you if you just exchange information with them. The police report will benefit you as the victim, and help support your story against the possibility of false representations made by the other driver.

D. Take Pictures –

a. At the scene: After the collision, try to take clear pictures at the scene. It’s a good idea to photograph where it happened, the damage to the vehicles, road debris and the license plate of the responsible driver. Pictures of your car or the other car, can show a lot about what really happened and how bad it was.

b. Of your injuries: What do we all do now when someone says, “I caught a 60 pound salmon!” We ask “show me the picture,” right? Treat your injury as if someone later is going to call you a liar because chances are, they will! Be ready for it and as soon as possible, take picture of your injuries the day of the collision and every day thereafter. Bruises fade, cuts heal and swelling goes down. Documenting your healing process – short videos of Physical Therapy or just difficulty doing normal things – like getting out of bed or into a car – can be very helpful for your claim and show the insurance company all that you are going through and are dealing with due to the other negligent driver.

E. Look for Cameras: Video cameras are everywhere! Take a look around as you are at the scene and make not of each and every camera that you suspect may have recorded the scene. Traffic cameras are overwritten every 3 days so you have to order them immediately. You can use this link to do so: CLICK HERE

Note if the other vehicle has a dashcam. Note all traffic or business/private cameras that may have captured the scene. Ring doorbells are common now, as are business cameras. Make a list and systematically notify each possible camera you can use.

F. Get medical attention as soon as you can- After you have been in a car accident it can be confusing on what to do next. Medical attention is extremely important to your claim and the health of your body. The violent collision can contort your body and cause a variety of injuries. There are many hidden injuries that do not show up until several days after the collision. It is important to seek medical attention so that you can be evaluated for those injuries you may not know about such as Whiplash, TMJ, tears to the shoulder or other body parts, and traumatic brain injuries.

G. Call an experienced personal injury attorney to advise you and walk you through this process to help protect your rights- The Law Office of Jason Skala will advise you of your rights and guide you through the other steps you should take after your accident. Call our office at (907) 569-6633 or goto to get the help you need today. Remember, serious personal injury and wrongful death claims are all we do and we can’t help you if you don’t let us know!

Is it really necessary to hire and talk to an attorney right away?

Right away. Personal injury claims can often be complicated and difficult to navigate through without the experience of a hired attorney to help protect your rights. The sooner you call, the more we can do to help you successfully navigate the claims process. The insurance company of the negligent driver will assign an adjuster and sometimes a lawyer to handle your claim and defend their insured. You will be dealing for the first time with seasoned professionals trained who’s goal is to make your claim go away for as little money as possible (or NO MONEY!) We know how these insurance companies work and can help protect all of your rights as the victim of a traumatic accident. For a free consultation contact the Law Office of Jason Skala at (907) 569-6633 or go to

What should I avoid after an accident?

There are several important things that you should avoid doing after an auto accident. Here are a few things to help you remember to avoid:

A. Avoid recorded statements- We recommend that you avoid giving any official recorded statements to insurance companies until you have had time to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. We can help you navigate through the insurance companies’ statements and make sure to protect your rights as the victim of the accident. The insurance companies’ interest is in getting you the least amount of money for your claim.

B. Do not wait too long before seeking recovery and medical attention on your claim- There is a time frame for bringing forth a claim for injury in the State of Alaska. You have 2 years after the incident happened. It is important to notify insurance immediate and seek medical attention to start treating for your collision caused injuries. It is important to protect your self from these strict time periods by contacting an Alaskan experienced attorney such as The Law Office of Jason Skala.

C. Do not post on Social Media about the accident or how you are feeling or handling the collision – Social media can kill your case or dramatically reduce your recovery without you being aware of it. This is a very detrimental to your claim. Some people do not realize how damaging it can be to discuss the accident on different forms of social media. Insurance companies look at that stuff and analyze how you are doing based on your posts. They watch what you post and compare it to what you are stating for injuries to them. Problems arise when you are having limitations due to your injuries or the pain that results from it but your posts suggest otherwise – for example, claiming that you are having trouble standing or sitting or going about your daily tasks, yet you show posts where you are out hiking or traveling and showing you are not in pain at all. Many times clients finally get a chance to catch up on social media because of the downtime of an injury, but posting old pictures of you active after an accident can really diminish the value of your claim. Avoid having to explain things later and, other than a short statement that you were hurt, it’s not your fault and you are treating for your injuries, avoid repeated – or really any – posts.
Remember: The supreme court has ruled that online speech is public speech, whether your posts are private or not, they are discoverable by the insurance company and you will have to explain them later. This is not ideal and should be avoided.

How long will it take to resolve my personal injury case?

This is one of the most regularly asked questions by clients and perhaps one of the most difficult to answer. An individual’s case may go through many different phases before it is actually resolved. If you sustain damages far in excess of the available coverage for your collision, this type of claim can resolve quickly. But if, after the accident, you will treat at different providers and receive medical treatment and testing and go through procedures to determine the type and severity of your injuries, your claim will necessarily take more than the time it takes to finish treating.

Once your injuries are known and treatment for those injuries is determined, your attorney can begin to negotiate a settlement on your behalf with the insurance adjuster of the at fault driver. If a settlement cannot be reached in a reasonable amount of time, then the next step is a law suit will be filed on your behalf. The Alaska rules of civil procedure govern the amount of time that it takes to fully litigate a personal injury case in civil court – but count at least 13 months from the date of filing.
One of the goal at the Law Office of Jason Skala is to ensure that we handle your claim in the most-efficient way possible. We will attempt to move your case through the negotiations as quickly and effectively as possible. Our number one goal is to represent our clients in the most efficient way possible and represent them to our fullest ability to bring the best outcome to their case. Contact the Law Office of Jason Skala today for a free consultation.

How much is my injury case worth?

Every case is unique and has different factors that will yield different results. Some of those factors include:

A. Percentage of fault by each party;
B. How do you present as a witness;
C. Total medical bills accumulated:
D. Possible future medical expenses and treatments:
E. Past and future lost wages:
F. The effect the injuries had on the individual’s lifestyle, work, family, and other important aspects of there life:
G. Characteristics of the involved parties:
H. Damage to the vehicles involved.

These are just a few of the factors that could determine the value of a case. That is why having an experienced attorney such as Jason Skala, to help you walk through the good and the bad aspects of your case, is so important to the outcome. Let us help you tell your story in the most effective, efficient and winning way that it can be told.

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