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Oil Rig Accidents Attorney in Anchorage, Alaska

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The United States is among the world’s top oil producers, with approximately 1,828 oil rigs located throughout the country. Oil rigs can be found in a number of states across the nation, however, Alaska, Louisiana, New Mexico, California, and Texas are where most of the country’s oil comes from. Most of Alaska’s oil rigs can be found in areas that are considered remote, so those working on oil rigs are generally sent to these areas for periods of about six months. Usually, the oil company they are working for will pay for their room and board as well as other necessary expenses. While earnings are considered high, working on an oil rig is an extremely dangerous job. Due to most Alaskan oil rig workers working strenuous shifts, increased productivity demands are always high, and there is usually always a shortage of oil field employees due to the rate at which they become injured. Working conditions for these employees can be very hectic, chaotic, and dangerous, and for these reasons, the chance of an oil rig accident occurring is high.

While a large percentage of accidents on oil rigs occur due to human error or negligence, severe and sometimes deadly accidents can take place due to equipment failure, harsh element exposure, and exposure to asbestos and hazardous chemicals. In the event that you or a loved one has been injured in an oil rig accident in Alaska, contacting an oil field accident lawyer as soon as you can is in your best interest. You will need an experienced and skilled Alaska oil rig accident attorney on your side in the event that you have sustained injuries due to an oil rig accident.

Oil rig accident injury cases are often evaluated according to admiralty/maritime law, a section of the law that oversees nautical issues and private maritime disputes. You may have been directed to contact an Alaska workers’ compensation lawyer, but most of these types of lawyers do not possess the knowledge and experience necessary to litigate complicated maritime law. It is best to hire a lawyer who is familiar with and specializes in these types of accidents. The Law Office of Jason Skala, LLC has the knowledge and experience necessary in order to provide you or your loved one with the financial compensation you may be entitled to after involvement in an Alaska oil rig accident. Jason Skala, an experienced oil rig accident lawyer in Alaska, will fight to win your claim so that you will be able to recover lost wages, medical bill payments, and more. He may be able to assist you in recovering financial compensation for punitive damages as well depending on the circumstances of your accident.

Drilling for Oil Is a Dangerous Job

Drilling for oil in Alaska is a dangerous job. A number of things may go wrong at any given moment. Workers on an oil rig usually work an average of 12 hours per day for two weeks at a time. This can be extremely exhausting and cause severe fatigue that can result in delayed reaction times and poor judgment. Other serious risks also come with the job. Oil rig workers are often expected to handle dangerous materials while overhead cranes are swinging around. Extremely heavy equipment can be found all over an oil field. Oil field employers have an obligation to make the conditions in which their employees work “safe” however, navigating the field can be extremely dangerous.

Common Accidents that Occur During Oil Drilling

When severe accidents on oil rigs take place, they can quickly become catastrophic in nature. Although many larger issues are usually able to be avoided, smaller mishaps can be catastrophic for workers and their families. Oil companies have been fined by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) for millions of dollars due to unsafe working conditions. For these reasons among others, many people stay worried about the many inherent risks that come with this job.

Some of the most dangerous accidents that occur on oil rigs include:

  • Production tank fires/explosions.

  • Equipment sparking and catching fire with flammable liquids that then trigger explosions.

  • Swinging pipes, hanging cables, or casings striking workers.

  • Being crushed by heavy cargo or loads of heavy equipment.

  • Extremities becoming caught in heavy machinery.

  • Falling equipment due to improper maintenance.

Falling from unsecured ladders, derricks, hoists, platforms, unguarded heights, and slippery stairways.

What Types of Injuries Can Result
from These Accidents?

An oil rig accident can cause serious, life-threatening, or life-altering injuries. These can include severe crush injuries, burns, drownings, and near-drownings due to rig explosions and fires. Other possible injuries include:

  • Broken bones

  • Injuries to the back/spine

  • Head trauma

  • Damage to internal organs

  • Loss of limbs

  • Lacerations

  • Internal/external chemical burns

  • Concussions

  • Whiplash/other spinal cord injuries

  • Paralysis

  • Brain injuries

One of the most common types of accidents that occurs on an oil rig has to do with transportation. Transportation accidents are responsible for causing up to 50% of the industry’s fatalities in 2011. The second most common type of oil rig accident injury involves workers who are struck by equipment, either falling or swinging. These types of injuries accounted for 26 fatalities in 2011. Explosions and fires caused an additional 12 fatalities in 2011. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see more than one oil field worker sustaining fatal injuries due to these kinds of accidents.

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Accident Statistics in The Oil Industry

Being one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation, the oil industry is constantly expanding, and more workers on the job means more risk for injury accidents. Oil and gas extraction industries account for nearly 70% of the fatalities in the mining industry according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There were 155 deadly occupational injuries in 2011. Approximately 72% of those fatalities can be attributed to the oil industry.

Also in 2011, there were about 12,500 non-fatal injuries that occurred on oil rigs across the country. The most common type of non-fatal injury that took place was a victim being struck by a piece of equipment or becoming stuck between pieces of equipment.

In 2018, there were approximately 77,600 people employed in the oil industry in Alaska, paying 4.8 billion dollars in Alaskan wages. Approximately 486,000 barrels of oil are produced per day in Alaska, making it one of the top five oil producers in the United States.

Due to oil rig accident injuries often being life-threatening or life-altering, it is imperative to possess a working understanding of your options and legal rights in order for you to seek the medical care and financial compensation you deserve. Hiring a reputable oil rig accident attorney in Alaska can help you do just that.

Rights Possessed by Injured Oil Field Workers

In the unfortunate event that you became injured while working on an Alaskan oil rig, it is imperative to know that you possess the right to be treated at a medical facility of your choosing. Reporting your injury and the accident to your boss is also your right so that you may go after compensation or benefits without the risk of retaliation, such as termination or demotion. You possess the right to heal completely from your injuries and to not go back to work until you are fully ready and cleared by a medical professional to do so. In the event that your employer or a co-worker caused your injuries, you possess the legal right toward monetary compensation for your injuries and incurred losses. You have the right to seek compensation for any medical bills as well as any ongoing care needed. You may also seek financial compensation for any lost wages and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering

Contact us to see that your legal rights are totally preserved and properly exercised by contacting an oil field accident lawyer in Alaska. Our legal team is determined to get you through this difficult time by assisting you in collecting full and fair financial compensation for your injuries and losses.

Causes of Oil Rig Accidents in Alaska

With extremely fatiguing manual labor and long working shifts, working on an oil rig is very dangerous. Dealing with combustible materials, heavy machinery and equipment, and sometimes having to travel by boat or helicopter, danger comes in many forms. Oil rig accidents may be the result of overlooked safety regulations, negligence, old or faulty equipment, or poor oil rig maintenance. Many of these employees often become severely injured in accidents that were preventable in nature. If you or someone you love was injured in an oil rig accident in Alaska, allow our skilled legal team at the Law Office of Jason Skala to figure out the cause and liability of your accident so that we can provide you with the justice you deserve as well as provide you with just financial compensation for your injuries and losses.

Representing the Injured Victims of
Explosions on Oil Rigs

Arguably one of the worst and most devastating types of oil field accidents in Alaska, explosions have been the culprit for a number of the most catastrophic oil rig injuries.

The sad truth surrounding these explosions is that many of the workers who become injured by them may be discouraged to seek out proper legal assistance due to pressure from the maritime company responsible for their injuries to “stay faithful” to their employer. Some of these maritime employers possess a longstanding record of treating those injured in explosions on-site, which leads to incorrect diagnoses and less-than-adequate care for their wounds. They are also treated on-site in order to mask the company’s liability for the accident if possible. An oil rig employee should not ever think that they are helping out their fellow co-workers and employer by not seeking legal help concerning a workplace explosion.

Companies who are not held responsible for small explosions will continue to forgo safety regulations and standards until an explosion is large enough to where it directly affects their business.

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