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Attacked by Neighbor's Dog

About This Case

Dog bite attacks can be a very traumatic and painful experience that may cause severe and long-lasting injuries. If you or a loved one is the victim of a dog bite you should contact our office without delay. Our office has succeeded in getting numerous client’s settlements for those cases wherein they were viciously attacked by a dog.

The dog in question was determined to be a dangerous animal Per NSBC 22.04.010 and 22.20.010 and that it could not safely continue to live in the public due to the determination by experience animal control that he was too dangerous. An order to euthanize the dog was given due to this incident and the severity of the attack.

Not only did my client suffer severe, disfiguring injuries to her body but the emotional trauma has caused a lot more that she will deal with for many years to come. She can’t even walk by a dog without becoming anxious, breathing heavy and becoming scared. To make matters worse, her own daughter had to see her mother being mauled by a large dog. My client will now have to have scar revision surgery due to her extensive scarring caused from the dog bite incident.

We were able to get our client a large enough settlement of so she will have the future money for her scar revision surgeries.