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What Are the Penalties for Driving Drunk in Alaska?

If you have ever been injured or lost a family member in a car accident that was caused by someone driving drunk, you might be curious about exactly what sort of penalties the offender will face. 

You may have sustained permanent injuries, unfixable damage to your car, and passengers in your car may have sustained serious injuries as well. Additionally, what if the drunk driver who caused your accident has been charged with driving under the influence before but has since had their license reinstated? Reckless drivers, like those who drive after drinking, need to be brought to account for their misdeeds, and that is why there are strict sentencing guidelines in place for those who drive under the influence in Alaska. 

Alaska Drunk Driving Penalties

The punishments for those who choose to drive drunk in Alaska vary in their severity based on whether or not it is the driver’s first offense, whether or not the accident injured another person or persons, and how much time has passed since their last conviction if there was one. 

First Offense

As a first time DUI offender in the state of Alaska, if no accident takes place, you can be charged with a Class A Misdemeanor. The possible penalties associated with this negligent act are:

  • An administrative fine of as much as $1,500
  • 72 mandatory hours of incarceration
  • A 90-day suspension of your Alaska driver’s license
  • Required alcohol and/or drug assessment, and/or participation in a rehabilitation program
  • A possible prohibition on buying any alcohol for a pre-determined length of time

Additional Offenses

Sadly, there many people in our state who are heavy drinkers or who have an addiction to alcohol and are charged with driving under the influence multiple times. If a person is found guilty of driving drunk five times or more during a 15 year period, the penalties they face include: 

  • A minimum of one year of incarceration
  • An administrative fine of at least $7,000
  • A five-year revocation of their Alaska driver’s license

In more drastic circumstances, if someone is found guilty of driving while drunk 3 or more times in a ten-year period, the consequences are much harsher. They will face a minimum fine of $10,000 and the permanent revocation of their Alaska driver’s license.

These penalties apply only to being charged with driving under the influence, not causing an accident due to being drunk. It is upsetting to know that there are people who, just because no one was injured, are able to legally get back on the road after a few months. An intoxicated driver needs to be involved in a car accident before they have to worry about facing any kind of criminal charges. If you or a member of your family has been injured during a car accident in Alaska that was caused by a drunk driver, we encourage you to call (907) 569-6633 and speak with an Anchorage personal injury attorney at the Law Office of Jason Skala. You are entitled by state law to receive full and fair financial compensation for your hospital bills and many other accident-related damages through an Alaska personal injury claim.

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