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Tips to Avoid a Car Accident in Anchorage

Anchorage car accidents occur many times per year, and for a multitude of different reasons. Car accidents in Alaska are unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence and injure hundreds of people per year. On average, around 79 people lose their lives in fatal Alaska car accidents each year, according to the Alaska Department of Transportation. Statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration state that approximately 94% of all car accidents in the United States are the result of negligent driver errors.

In the event that you or someone you love has been injured in an Anchorage car accident caused by the negligence of another person, contacting an Anchorage personal injury lawyer is your best bet in order to receive full and fair financial compensation for your incurred injuries and losses. A personal injury lawyer will be able to help you better understand your legal rights toward financial compensation in the event that you have become victimized in an Anchorage traffic accident.

Tips to Avoid a Car Accident in Anchorage

There are some steps you can take in order to help you avoid a car accident in Anchorage. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the actions and behavior of other people on the roadway, which means that you are always at some level of risk of being involved in an accident caused by another person. However, you can take precautions to ensure that you do not cause an accident.

The following tips will help you to avoid becoming involved in a traffic collision. Utilize these helpful tips next time you get behind the wheel of a vehicle to feel safer and more secure while driving. Never drink and drive, or use intoxicants of any kind before deciding to operate a motor vehicle. Getting drunk and/or using drugs greatly reduces your reaction time and impairs your judgment. Driving requires keen judgment and quick reaction times, so do not drink or drug beforehand.

  • Avoid distractions at all costs. This means limiting your passengers and never using your cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. If a call or text is urgent, pull over to the side of the road and take it. Looking down at your phone for five seconds could mean a lifetime of devastation and misery for you and/or someone you love, or a complete stranger. Do not engage in any other activity than paying attention to the road and your immediate surroundings while driving in order to remain as alert and safe as possible. 
  • Be extra careful at intersections. Intersections are the site of most traffic accidents in Anchorage and across the United States. Upon entering an intersection, look both ways, and then both ways again to ensure that no one is coming from any direction. 
  • Don’t tailgate. Following the car ahead of you too closely could result in a rear-end collision, one of the most common types of collisions that take place in the US. These are also some of the most deadly collisions that can occur, and they almost always take place due to someone following the car ahead of them too closely. Allow for at least two car lengths between you and the car ahead of you at all times. If this is not possible due to traffic, travel at an extra slow speed in order to allow yourself enough time to react if the car in front of you has to stop suddenly.

The Law Office of Jason Skala has been in the business of providing injured accident victims and their families with financial compensation for over a decade. Jason Skala works diligently in order to ensure that his clients are legitimately taken care of in every aspect. He will help you find an appropriate doctor for your specific injuries as well as ensure that you are able to collect full and fair financial compensation for your injuries and losses depending on the circumstances of your accident. 

Contact the Law Office of Jason Skala today at 907-569-6633 in order to find out if you qualify for financial compensation. We are here for you and wish to provide you with relief in more ways than one during your difficult time.

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