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The Personal Injury Claims Process in Alaska

If you ask anyone who has been through it how they feel about the personal injury process in Alaska, you are likely to get a wide range of answers. Some people will tell you that the process is quick and straightforward while others will tell you that the process is drawn-out, tedious, and time-consuming. While all these statements are perfectly valid, each person’s experience is based on a wide variety of contributing factors. 

One of the main factors is going to be whether or not the person had the guidance of an experienced Anchorage personal injury attorney throughout the entire process.

It is important to note that the personal injury claims process may be less complicated and more understandable with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. In instances where the victim has been injured in a personal injury incident, they should first of all contact a lawyer for a consultation to determine the worth of their case and the potential success and validity of it.

Statute of Limitations

The Personal Injury Claims Process in Alaska

If you have not yet filed your personal injury claim, it is essential to keep in mind that it must be done before the state’s applicable statute of limitations runs out. Additionally, several factors will first need to be taken into account to establish if your claim is even worth filing. 

The beginning steps of producing evidence and documentation prior to your case even getting off the ground are critical as they gave a particular relevance to the success or failure of your claim. Moreover, this enables your personal injury attorney to understand what additional documentation will be required to serve as evidence or to support eyewitness accounts and allow them to look into various aspects of your case. 

If the need for an accident reconstruction specialist or an expert witness should arise, your Anchorage attorney has the resources to reach out to these and other kinds of professionals as needed. 

Stages of a Personal Injury Claim

  • Consulting with a personal injury attorney. If the attorney agrees to take your case, they will explain the process to you as well as keep you informed on what will happen every step of the way. 
  • In order to initiate your personal injury claim, your attorney will file the appropriate paperwork with the courts. Throughout the process, additional paperwork, such as a motion, may also be filed with the courts.  
  • The process of discovery. This takes place when the plaintiff and the defendant trade evidence and details pertaining to the case. This is also when your attorney will obtain different kinds of paperwork, go over eyewitness, statements, and do other things that will provide proof of your version of events.  

If you or a member of your family has been injured during a car accident in Alaska that was caused by another driver, we encourage you to call (907) 569-6633 and speak with an Anchorage personal injury attorney at the Law Office of Jason Skala. You are entitled by state law to receive full and fair financial compensation for your hospital bills and many other accident-related damages through an Alaska personal injury claim

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