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Safety Tips for Driving on Icy Roads in Anchorage

A large number of injurious and fatal car crashes in Anchorage and across the great state of Alaska are the result of driving in inclement weather on icy roads. A very common factor in these accidents tends to be overconfidence in one’s skills and/or vehicle’s ability to travel through snow and on ice. Some drivers may feel that they have extensive experience in driving on ice and snow and that they can continue at normal speeds on icy roads. This is rarely ever the case, and drivers should exercise extreme caution when faced with such conditions, especially in Anchorage and throughout Alaska. The following driving tips for icy roads will help keep you safe in the winter. Safety Tips for Driving on Icy Roads in Anchorage

  • Drive at a slow, safe speed. Driving at a slower speed than usual is one of the most important things to do when faced with icy roads and snow, if not the most important step to take. It allows you to maneuver safely and more easily. It also allows you to have more time to react in the event that you have to stop suddenly. According to the Alaska Department of Transportation, no one should ever drive past approximately 45 miles per hour on icy roads in Alaska, especially when it is snowing. When black ice is present, you are at risk of sliding out of your lane or completely off of the road at speeds of about 10 miles per hour or less. 
  • Avoid icy roads if at all possible. The easiest way to avoid becoming involved in a car accident in Alaska due to driving on an icy road is to not drive on an icy road at all. Nothing is worse than becoming involved in an accident in the wintertime or getting stuck on the side of the road in a snowbank. 
  • Always wear your seat belt. Wearing your seatbelt should go without saying at all times when riding in and operating a motor vehicle. But when it is icy out, this is a crucial safety step in order to ensure that your well being and that of your passengers is taken care of. 
  • Tap your brakes–don’t slam on them. Slamming down on your brakes on the ice is only going to make your vehicle slide more. Tapping on your bakes allows for the traction on your tires to work better than if you simply slam down on the breaks and slide across the ice. Turning the wheel will not change the direction of your vehicle while your wheels are sliding across the ice, which often leads to accidents. 
  • Do not stop for collisions or stranded vehicles along the road. Attempting to stop your vehicle to check on another person might be tempting, especially in cold, icy weather. However, this could lead to another, more serious accident in the event that you are unable to safely stop your car, or if another vehicle comes along and has to maneuver around yours. Rather than stop your vehicle, call the police and notify them of the location and make of the vehicle that you noticed stranded or involved in an accident. 

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