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Distracted driving is a major cause of trucking accidents

Commercial truck accidents continue to be among the deadliest and most injurious crashes on U.S. roads – including roads here in Alaska. Trucks are so much larger and heavier than other vehicles that collisions are often deadly or debilitating for occupants of smaller personal vehicles.

Car accident injuries might take time to show up

If you get into a car accident, one of the first things you'll probably do is try to figure out whether you're injured. The mental checklist might go something like, "Am I in pain? Is anything bleeding? Have I lost feeling anywhere in my body?" If the answer to these is no, you might assume that you are fine.

Rideshare tracking systems might lead to safer roads

After becoming legal in Alaska in 2017, rideshare programs are quickly increasing in popularity throughout the state. As more people rely on rideshare options after a night at the bar or when they need a ride to work, accidents become a larger concern. Fortunately, Uber’s driver tracking system might lead to increased safety on roads. It could also mean heightened accountability on the driver’s part for unsafe driving practices.

What do I do if I'm injured in an Uber or Lyft crash?

Ride-sharing isn't a new concept in Alaska. But it's safe to say that Anchorage hasn't been as swift to adopt the technology-based services offered by the likes of Uber and Lyft. While those and other services infiltrated the Lower 48 in the late 2000s, ride-share services in Alaska only became legal in 2017.

Distracted driving: helping your brain make safe decisions

In a previous post, we discussed the rise in cell phone-related distracted driving accidents in recent years. Alaska has responded to the problem by passing firm legislation, which bans the use of electronic devices while driving and creates stiff penalties for violators.

Recognizing and responding to a drunk driver

It’s becoming increasingly common to encounter careless drivers on the road. Aggressive driving and road rage are particularly common during rush hour. In addition, the smartphone era has led to a significant spike in distracted driving. Still, drunk driving remains one of the deadliest forms of negligent driving—causing more than one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities in the state of Alaska.

Understand options for pursuing injury compensation

If you've been involved in an incident in or around Anchorage in which another's negligence caused you injury, your first focus needs to be on getting better. Another objective – one that can be harder to reach – is being confident that you don't get caught in a monetary quagmire that leaves you and your family financially disabled. Your body's natural healing power and medicine can help with the first goal. The second can be more difficult.

Notoriously dangerous: KGB Road safety concerns

The Knik Goose Bay Road is a popular scenic drive with a history rooted in the Knik trade center era, pre-Anchorage days. Unfortunately, the road is notoriously dangerous for regular commuters and tourists. Although over $9 million has already been dedicated to improving safety on the road, auto accidents are still four times more likely on the road than the national average. Improvements include added signals, signs and striping.


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