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Common Car Crash Injuries in Anchorage

Information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that there are over 6 million car accidents that occur in the United States per year. Of those accidents, around 3 million people sustain injuries, some of a debilitating nature. In Alaska, hundreds of people are injured every year due to auto accidents, a number of which take place in Anchorage. 

The Law Office of Jason Skala in Anchorage has been successfully protecting the rights of injured crash victims and their families for many years. We work diligently in order to get you the financial compensation you may be entitled to due to sustaining serious injuries and incurring damages due to car accidents caused by negligence. If you or a loved one of yours have been involved in an Anchorage accident that was no fault of your own, contacting an Anchorage personal injury attorney could be your best bet in being able to swiftly move forward from your traffic accident and the arduous aftermath that followed. 

There are many injuries that can result from a car accident in Anchorage. We will discuss the top three most common injuries in the following paragraphs. 

Automobile collision injuries vary widely, just like automobile collision causes. Each crash is unique and possesses its own set of circumstances and resulting consequences. Oftentimes, when an accident is caused by someone’s carelessness, negligence, or recklessness, those injured in the crash are entitled to significant financial compensation, especially depending on the severity of the injuries. 

Impact vs Penetrating Injuries

All injuries that result from car accidents can be categorized as either impact injuries or penetrating injuries. An impact injury is when a part of a person’s body makes direct contact with a part of the interior of the vehicle. An example of an impact injury would be when a driver’s head makes an impact with the headrest during a fender bender, causing a bruise and/or goose egg. 

Penetrating injuries involve the cutting, scraping, or laceration of skin. The driver’s left arm getting cut due to broken glass from a shattered window would be an example of a penetrating injury. From minor scrapes and bruises to internal injuries that are much more serious can both result from an accident. 

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries occur when the connective tissue between muscles, ligaments, or tendons become damaged due to an auto wreck. These are the most prevalent injuries that result from accidents in Anchorage and across Alaska, and the rest of the United States. 

Whiplash is a severe form of soft tissue damage and results when the muscles in the neck, head, and back are unnaturally stretched due to sudden jerk movements brought on by an accident. This is just one example of a soft tissue injury. 

Car crashes often result in lower or middle back injuries such as sprains to the muscles or spine damage. 

Cuts and Scrapes

Objects kept inside a vehicle can become dangerous projectiles when an accident occurs. Phones, coffee mugs, and books are some of the most common items found in vehicles and can be whipped about during a fast-moving collision, causing lacerations, cuts, and scrapes to a person’s skin. Lacerations can be so severe that they may require stitches, and cause scarring. Airbags are often the culprit of various cuts and scrapes during a collision as well. 

Injuries to the Head

These injuries, like all others, can range from mild to serious in nature. Bodily impact with any part of the interior of a vehicle can cause injury, especially to the head. If, for instance, a driver is forcefully struck from behind in an accident, it is likely that their head may then suffer an impactful blow from the steering wheel. An incredibly severe impact can cause what is known as a “closed head injury” in which the skull and inner parts of the head become damaged. 

A concussion is an example of a mild form of closed head injury, but more severe forms of this type of injury can result in permanent and disabling brain damage. In order to determine whether a concussion was suffered in an accident, it is important to note whether or not you lost consciousness after the crash, or “blacked out.” Even a quick blackout can be indicative of a serious head injury. 

Head injuries do not usually immediately show initial symptoms like bruises. Personality changes, irritability, and memory problems are often telltale signs of a serious head injury. Head injuries are often referred to as the “silent injuries” of car accidents. Emergency medical technicians will usually perform special tests if they suspect a person has suffered from a severe head injury. 

We are Here for You!

The Law Office of Jason Skala has been working to provide those injured in negligently caused accidents in Anchorage and across Alaska with just financial compensation for years. He is passionate and caring when it comes to his personal injury clients, as he knows first hand what it is like to suffer through a serious accident caused by another person. 

You can refer to the Alaska Department of Transportation for facts concerning car accidents in Alaska as well as safety tips for driving in the Last Frontier. 

Contact the Law Office of Jason Skala at 907-569-6633 if you or someone you love has been injured by a negligent or careless driver in Anchorage. 

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