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Truck Load Crushes Car With Passengers In It

About This Case

Car accidents are the most common type of personal injury cases in the United States. The driver who was at fault for causing the collision is liable to the other drivers or passengers for there injuries sustained and damages. Compensatory damages available in an automobile collision lawsuit may include: Medical costs; lost income; loss of earning capacity; and Pain and suffering. Before dealing with the insurance companies or taking a settlement talk to our office about your case. It is important to note that most people have pre-existing conditions but that does not mean you are not able to obtain a settlement or favorable outcome.

As Told By Our Client

I was the passenger in my buddy’s car when he saw a vehicle hit and run a semi-truck, damaging the big rig’s front bumper. This semi-truck was taking 46,000 pounds of steel I-beams through Anchorage, strapped to an icy flat-bed trailer and secured only by four nylon straps. We stopped next to the truck and my buddy jumped out to tell him I got the plate of the guy that hit and run.

That’s when the load shifted and 46,0000 pounds of steel crushed the roof of my buddy’s with me still inside.

That’s how my head got caught between the crushing pile of steel beams and the B-Pillar of my buddy’s car…

A cop and some good Samaritans pulled me out of that car right after someone took this picture – and just before that steel flattened it to the ground! After that it was just doctors, bills and no work for a one armed carpenter still reeling from a head injury, trying to find some way to provide for me and my daughter all the while getting jerked around – first by the insurance companies and then by the lawyer I hired off the TV to take care of us. It felt like nothing was happening.

So I made it happen. I fired my first attorney and gave the job to Jason. He knew exactly what to do and hit the ground running.

I finally learned what my rights and responsibilities were and understood what we were doing and why we were doing it. Jason helped me understand how to make smart decisions for me and my daughter. The single smartest decision you’ll make is hiring Jason.