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Traffic Safety Concerns in The Wake of Last Week’s Earthquake

On behalf of Law Office of Jason Skala, LLC Dec. 7, 2018

Among the things last Friday’s magnitude 7.0 earthquake had major effects on here in the Anchorage region are the area’s roads. Substantial road damage occurred in this natural disaster. The Glen Highway is among the major roads that suffered such damage.

Road damage has major impacts for drivers. Such damage, and the construction aimed at repairing it, can create safety challenges and major traffic delays. So far, snarled traffic has been commonplace in the Anchorage area in the wake of the earthquake.

So, during the process of recovering from the earthquake and trying to get back to life as usual, it is very important for drivers in the Anchorage area to give careful attention to the traffic safety issues raised by the road damage the disaster caused.

Measures area drivers can take towards keeping things safe out on the roads include:

  • Staying informed on where road damage has occurred and where repair work is being done, and adjusting their driving routes accordingly

  • Giving themselves extra time to get to their destinations to avoid the temptation to rush.

  • Staying calm behind the wheel and not letting impatience and frustration over delays lead to aggressive and unsafe driving

  • Avoiding distracting activities (such as texting and making or taking phone calls) and focusing solely on driving when at the wheel

  • Being careful about speed and giving other vehicles an appropriate amount of space

We hope all drivers in the Anchorage area will be safe out on the roads as the city continues to recover from the recent earthquake.