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Reduce the Chances of A Fall with These Reminders

On behalf of Law Office of Jason Skala, LLC April 14, 2019

An uneven sidewalk or wet floor can be more hazardous than most people realize. A fall might be simply embarrassing for one person, but incredibly dangerous for another, resulting in life-threatening injuries. In fact, falls are the number one cause of injuries among older adults.

Slipping and experiencing a severe injury can be not only physically traumatizing, but emotionally as well. It can result in isolation for some people who take longer to recover physically and mentally. Worse yet, falling once will increase the chance of falling again. Someone recovering from a fall will experience mobility and balance issues or may be impaired by medication. There are ways to minimize the risk of tripping and falling.

Four safety tips to consider

  • Make your home safer: Find and get rid of all fall risks in your home. This means removing clutter, getting rid of throw rugs, fixing loose carpet and adding railings and stability bars in dangerous areas. Showers are a common area for falls. It’s smart to use a nonskid mat.

  • Start a regular exercise schedule: Maintaining a regular workout schedule can help you improve strength and stability. Better balance can help you catch yourself before hitting the ground.

  • Review your medications: Have a doctor take a look at all the prescriptions and over-the-counter medications you take. Certain drugs can lead to drowsiness or low blood pressure, increasing the chances of a fall. See if you can lower the dosage or eliminate drugs that cause these issues.

  • Get annual eye exams: Check your eyesight at least once per year. Out-of-date corrective lens prescriptions will lead to worse vision. With clear eyesight, you can avoid dangerous areas.

Irresponsible Property Owners

Unfortunately, some falls are unavoidable due to dangerous conditions. Some property owners fail to maintain liquid messes or icy areas. You could be fully aware of your surroundings and physically stable yet sustain an injury due to a store owner failing to maintain their property. You can hold property owners liable for your injuries in these types of situations.