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Prescription Painkillers Could Lead to Wrongful Death Lawsuits

On behalf of Law Office of Jason Skala, LLC June 13, 2019

When you go to the doctor, you trust that they will provide adequate care for your medical conditions. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of dedicated medical professionals, sometimes nature triumphs over modern medicine.

However, in many cases, death is preventable. And if your doctor is at fault, you might be able to hold them accountable for their negligence.

Doctor Faces Multiple Life Sentences for Fentanyl Overdoses

Considering the current opioid crisis, most doctors are decreasing their prescriptions for medications such as fentanyl. But one doctor faces charges of murder, concerning the deaths of 25 people to whom he allegedly prescribed fatal doses of opioids.

The doctor’s attorney reports that there was no intent to kill anyone. Instead, the doctor’s actions were an effort to provide comfort to dying patients.

Recent reports suggest the doctor:

  • Has a criminal record

  • Allegedly disregarded the hospital’s opioid drug protocols

  • Has lost his job and had his medical license suspended

  • Gave high doses of fentanyl to critically ill or unconscious patients, who may not have been aware of what was happening

The hospital where this doctor practiced has revised its medication administration system. Hopefully, this will prevent prescription overdoses in the future. However, the investigations into the situation continue. And some families of the deceased seek recourse.

You Could Have Legal Rights in The Death of A Loved One

Medical professionals are supposed to do no harm. But sometimes, their lack of training in one particular area or negligent care leads to the unnecessary or untimely death of a loved one.

You might want to explore your legal options if you believe a doctor’s actions, or lack thereof, caused the death of your spouse or parent.