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Important Driving Laws to Know in Alaska

Law Office of Jason Skala April 12, 2022

With Alaska being one of the most unique states in the country, our driving laws are also somewhat different from most of the other driving laws throughout the nation. Some of our driving laws provide a level of legal freedom that is unlikely to be found anywhere else in the United States. Other laws, however, require Alaskan drivers to utilize a higher level of care and vigilance while on the road.

In the circumstance that you are new to the Last Frontier or whether you are just visiting, you can stay safe while driving by familiarizing yourself with some of the more uncommon driving laws in the state.

Headlight Use in The Daytime

During the winter months in Alaska, headlights are required for an extended period of time during the day. Headlights are required to be on at all times, day or night, on various roadways in Alaska. Motorcyclists are to use their headlights 24 hours per day year-round. Even when not required, many Alaskan drivers keep their headlights on year-round anyway.

Speed Limits

The speed limit in most areas of Alaska is generally lower than that of the speed limit in various cities in other states. Alleys in Alaska possess a speed limit of 15 miles per hour at all times. Business districts and school zones limit the speed limit to 20 miles per hour. The speed limit in residential areas is 25 miles per hour. Other roadways that are not identified as school zones, business districts, alleys, or residential areas have a maximum default speed limit of 55 miles per hour. Some of the freeways and interstates in Alaska possess maximum speeds of 65 miles per hour. These are usually marked.

Traveling with Firearms

Drivers are allowed by law to carry a firearm in their vehicle at all times. They are even allowed to have a loaded firearm in their car whenever they choose. The gun can be concealed or visible, whichever you choose. No special licensing or permits are required. However, only licensed drivers over the age of 21 are allowed to carry a firearm in their car.

Safety Restraints

Seat belts are required at all times when riding in or operating a motor vehicle in Alaska. According to the Alaska Department of Transportation, not utilizing a seat belt is considered a primary offense, meaning that you can be ticketed by a police officer for not using one.

Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is an illegal act in Alaska punishable by criminal charges. Drivers are legally able to talk on the phone while holding it, although if you need to look at the screen for any reason, you will have broken the law.

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