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How to Recover Damages for Chronic Back Pain After an Alaska Car Crash

Law Office of Jason Skala April 12, 2022

Oftentimes, minor injuries sustained in car accidents, such as scrapes, bruises, and even some minor head injuries, will usually clear up within about a month. However, some injuries, such as those that involve back pain, can linger on for much longer. Your life could be negatively affected by this pain, and it could put a damper on your ability to live your life optimally. If your back pain has been diagnosed as “chronic back pain” this could drain your energy and motivation due to constant discomfort. You should consider speaking with an Anchorage personal injury lawyer in the event that you have sustained such an injury in a car accident in Anchorage or another city in Alaska.

Signs of Back Injuries After a Car Accident in Anchorage

Checking yourself for injuries is the first thing you should do after involvement in a serious car accident in Anchorage. While most injuries are easily detectable, some go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Consulting a doctor, even if you feel that you have no injuries, is always the safest bet when you have been involved in an Anchorage car crash. Some people may even try to brush their pain off like it isn’t bothering them, which is even more dangerous, with pain being indicative of an injury. Usually, if an injury hurts immediately after an incident, it means that that pain will get worse with time, especially without treatment.

Back pain usually surfaces directly after an accident occurs. Most people who experience this type of pain feel a sharp shooting pain in some area of their back, or a burning sensation along their spine. However, back pain can manifest in many different ways depending on the type of injury suffered and the person. The pain is usually more obvious when you move a certain way. If the pain does not subside in 24 to 48 hours, consulting a doctor about a back injury is in your best interest. Back injuries that affect the ligaments in the back, your spine, or soft tissues may worsen with time and without treatment.

Other signs that indicate a chronic back injury are stiffness, long-lasting pain (for weeks or more), weakness, or pain that spreads to different areas of your back over time.

Seeking Financial Compensation for Chronic Back Pain After an Anchorage Car Crash

Chronic back pain from an Anchorage car crash can negatively affect a person’s life for years to come. Chronic back pain usually begins by affecting a person’s sleep schedule, making it more difficult to fall and stay asleep due to lowered comfort levels. Improper sleep and prolonged insomnia are linked to many issues such as depression, anxiety, and more.

Your back pain will be deemed chronic in nature if the pain persists for more than three months. You could be advised to try different methods of pain relief such as over-the-counter or prescription painkillers, physical therapy, and exercise recommendations in order to strengthen the muscles in your back in order to get them back to normal.

Whatever the case may be, long term treatments for chronic back pain can be time consuming and expensive. You may have the option to seek financial compensation for your pain and suffering if you are under the impression that your Anchorage car accident was caused by a negligent driver. Contacting an Anchorage personal injury lawyer will be your best bet in receiving financial compensation for any resulting damages that came from your back pain, such as missing time at work and losing wages, being in constant pain, and losing enjoyment in life, among others.

An Anchorage personal injury lawyer will be able to inform you of your existing legal rights toward financial compensation in the event that you have been chronically injured due to a car crash in Anchorage that was caused by negligence.

You can refer to the Alaska Department of Transportation for information concerning safety while driving in Alaska, and how to best avoid becoming involved in an accident. For more information concerning back pain and possible treatments, visit Wikipedia’s Back Pain page.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Anchorage

Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Anchorage is your best bet in order to receive financial compensation for your pain and suffering and any other injuries and losses that you may have incurred due to your Anchorage car crash. The Law Office of Jason Skala has been successfully litigating personal injury claims in Anchorage for over a decade and is passionate about providing those injured in negligently caused accidents with the justice and financial compensation they deserve. Contact the Law Office of Jason Skala today in order to be connected with a reputable and skilled Anchorage personal injury attorney.