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Can You Seek Financial Compensation for PTSD After a Car Crash in Alaska?

Law Office of Jason Skala April 12, 2022

Being involved and injured in a car accident can be one of the most difficult things you may ever have to face. This could be due to the sudden shock that then fades into a long term impact on your physical and mental health. Contrary to what most people may think, it is possible to seek financial compensation for a mental health disorder like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that could possibly be a result of being involved in a serious car crash.

The negative emotional impact that results from being involved in a serious car accident can sometimes be a recoverable damage in a personal injury claim. Many different damages may result from a car accident, including physical pain and suffering, medical bills, and property damage costs. But severe emotional repercussions like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may also result from an accident depending on the circumstances of the incident. If your crash was particularly traumatic, you may be suffering from PTSD.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is defined as a psychiatric/psychological disorder that may take place in those who have been involved in or witnessed an extremely traumatic event. Some examples of traumatic events are natural disasters, terroristic acts, going to war, or serious car accidents.

Those who suffer from PTSD experience disturbing and intense thoughts and emotions associated with the memory of the traumatic event. These symptoms can last for years after the event has ended, and can be triggered by anything that remotely reminds the person of the event. They may relive the incident through nightmares, flashbacks, or thoughts alone. They may experience sadness, anger, a withdrawn state of mind, and other negative emotions associated with their memories of the event. They often avoid any situation or person who reminds them of the traumatic experience, which could put a significant damper on their life.

How PTSD May Result from A Serious Car Crash

Injuries that result from car accidents are not always physical in nature. Even when an auto collision does not result in any physical injuries, it is usually the emotional stress that does the most damage. This may be due to the fact that those involved in serious accidents often playback the crash in their head, even when they aren’t planning on doing so.

Mental trauma can result in those who are suffering from it to be triggered by certain things in their lives. This can cause anxiety and stress. Some triggers that may bother a person with PTSD from a car accident could include the honking of a car, the flashing of traffic or police lights, to the sound of an impact of some sort. Anything that reminds them of their accident can throw them into a painful and difficult flashback.

In most personal injury cases, when seeking financial compensation from a careless or negligent party, non-economic damages may be rewarded to the claimant. Non-economic damages are those that do not have a direct monetary value. Typically, they may be awarded to those injured in accidents for things like pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment.

PTSD is part of this category, so those who suffer from it due to an accident may seek financial compensation for it in a personal injury claim.

What to Do if You Are Suffering from PTSD Due to An Anchorage Car Crash

The best thing to do in order to better understand your rights as an injured and traumatized accident victim is to hire an Anchorage personal injury lawyer. The experienced and skilled Anchorage car accident attorney Jason Skala has been successfully providing injured accident victims and their families with just financial compensation for over a decade. He is ready to help you through your arduous accident aftermath and assist you in collecting the full and fair financial compensation amount you deserve. Contact an Anchorage car accident attorney from the Law Office of Jason Skala in Anchorage today for a free case evaluation and consultation.