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Can Negligent Road Maintenance Lead to Wrongful Death Claim?

On behalf of Law Office of Jason Skala Sept. 4, 2018

Truckers in Alaska expressed their concern over the lack of road maintenance of the Dalton Highway. This followed the death of an experienced truck driver on a recent Friday morning. It remains to be seen if a wrongful death claim will be filed in the aftermath of this tragedy.

Other drivers sang the praises of the 50-year-old woman whom they said was a safe driver who would never take chances. Her piers remarked that she was a more professional driver than most others. Reportedly, the woman was hauling 9,700 gallons of fuel in a 53-foot tanker when the vehicle veered off the shoulder of the highway. The big rig rolled over as it lurched down an embankment. The driver did not survive the crash.

A pilot truck driver said a meeting is planned at which truckers will sign a petition for improved road maintenance. They will then hand the petition to the Alaska Department of Transportation. A DOT spokesperson said the number of maintenance personnel was decreased due to budgetary cuts.

The surviving husband and children of the deceased trucker may have grounds to seek financial relief through the Alaska civil justice system. An experienced personal injury attorney can assess the circumstances and launch an independent investigation into the DOT maintenance programs to determine whether grounds exist for a wrongful death lawsuit. If there is a viable claim, the lawyer can file a lawsuit and advocate for the surviving family members in pursuit of financial relief to cover economic and noneconomic damages.