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May 2019 Archives

Safety implications of legalized recreational marijuana use

It is a simple reality that when social attitudes and norms change the reaction on the law front tends to lag. The result is that certain issues can suddenly stand out in stark relief. The move in Alaska and many other states to allow recreational use of marijuana may stand as one example.

Car accident injuries might take time to show up

If you get into a car accident, one of the first things you'll probably do is try to figure out whether you're injured. The mental checklist might go something like, "Am I in pain? Is anything bleeding? Have I lost feeling anywhere in my body?" If the answer to these is no, you might assume that you are fine.

Rideshare tracking systems might lead to safer roads

After becoming legal in Alaska in 2017, rideshare programs are quickly increasing in popularity throughout the state. As more people rely on rideshare options after a night at the bar or when they need a ride to work, accidents become a larger concern. Fortunately, Uber’s driver tracking system might lead to increased safety on roads. It could also mean heightened accountability on the driver’s part for unsafe driving practices.


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