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December 2018 Archives

Avoid unnecessary injury this New Year's Eve

It's almost time to ring in the new year once again. For many, the beginning of each year marks a time of reflection--an opportunity to take stock of your life and make resolutions to enact desired changes. It's also a time of celebration--of rowdy partying and heavy drinking.

Don’t let your windshield freeze over while you’re on the road

Winter in Alaska means a spike in driving hazards. The snow and black ice inevitably lead to higher instances of skid-outs and accidents on the road. But there is one serious—and less commonly discussed—driving hazard: using the wrong type of windshield wiper fluid. In extreme cold conditions, spraying ineffective wiper fluid could immediately freeze your windshield over, resulting in complete blindness while you’re behind the wheel. This is an extraordinarily dangerous situation both for you and the other cars around you.

If the mailman slips on ice at my house, can he sue for damages?

Slip-and-fall accidents are quite common during the winter—and they can often lead to serious injury. If you wipe out while ice skating and hurt your knee, you probably can’t hold anyone else liable for your injuries. But what if the mailman slips and falls on your front stoop?

Traffic safety concerns in the wake of last week’s earthquake

Among the things last Friday’s magnitude 7.0 earthquake had major effects on here in the Anchorage region are the area’s roads. Substantial road damage occurred in this natural disaster. The Glen Highway is among the major roads that suffered such damage.


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