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Slip-and-fall hazards can make shopping a hazardous activity

Consumers in Alaska may not realize that shopping might be a hazardous activity. Premises liability laws require owners of retail facilities to take reasonable care to offer consumers premises that are free of unsafe conditions or hidden dangers. They must ensure that spills are cleaned up immediately to prevent slip-and-fall accidents, repair broken railings or stairs, remove objects that have fallen, replace faulty light bulbs and provide the necessary security to protect customers.

While many shopping injuries are minor, some are life-changing. Dangerous premises can cause bone fractures, head trauma, muscle sprains, spinal injury, neck injury and some injuries could even be fatal. Floors that are wet from spillages or leakages pose slip-and-fall hazards, but so do torn carpets, malfunctioning escalators, insufficient lighting and torn carpets. Falling objects, unstable retail displays and objects that are out of reach can cause head and body injuries.

When shopping carts tip over, they can cause serious injuries, and the risks of injury escalate when stores are overcrowded. However, hazards are not limited to inside the stores but also parking lots and walkways. Store owners must ensure that cracks and potholes are repaired, and seasonal ice and snow must not be allowed to accumulate. These are also the areas that need the presence of security guards to protect shoppers.

Victims of slip-and-fall or any other shopping-related injuries in Alaska might have grounds to sue the store owners in pursuit of financial relief. However, establishing negligence could be challenging, but an experienced personal injury attorney can help. Once the court determines liability, it will adjudicate documented claims for financial and emotional damages for inclusion in a monetary judgment.

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