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Auto accidents: 2 juveniles seriously injured in ATV rollover

Authorities in Southwest Alaska are investigating an ATV rollover that occurred in the early morning hours of a recent Wednesday. Reportedly, Alaska State Troopers were called to crash scene at about 3:30 a.m. This incident was one of many auto accidents that involve young drivers during the summer break.

According to a preliminary accident report, three juveniles were occupying an ATV in the village of Togiak. While traveling on the main road toward the airport, the young female driver failed to maintain control of the vehicle, resulting in the ATV rolling onto its side. The reason for the accident has not yet been determined.

Although the one passenger suffered only minor injuries that were treated at the accident scene, the injuries of the driver and the second passenger were more severe. Troopers reported that the driver was rushed to a nearby hospital, but her condition was critical, and she was transferred to a Seattle Hospital by air. The passenger was airlifted to a medical facility in Anchorage with injuries of unknown severity.

Although authorities found no reason to suspect that alcohol played a role in this crash, the driver might have been negligent. Whenever passengers suffer injuries in auto accidents, careless drivers might be held liable for their damages. When juveniles are involved, the driver's parents might have to answer to allegations of negligence in a civil court in Alaska. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist the plaintiffs throughout the legal proceedings in pursuit of compensation for financial and emotional damages, which typically include medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other quantifiable damages.

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