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Auto accidents: Rear-end crash kills 71-year-old SUV driver

When loved ones reach advanced ages, it is only natural to consider age-related health problems that might limit the remaining time they will have together. However, if such deaths happen prematurely in auto accidents at the hands of negligent drivers, the trauma of surviving family members is often exacerbated. This might be the case after a fatal crash in which a 71-year-old Alaska man lost his life.

According to Alaska State Troopers, the crash occurred on a recent Wednesday afternoon. An accident report indicates that the 71-year-old driver was in an SUV when he was rear-ended by another vehicle. Reportedly, the impact of the collision was forceful enough to cause the SUV to roll over and the driver to be ejected from his vehicle.

Authorities say the efforts of emergency workers to save the life of the ejected driver were all in vain, and he died at the crash scene. Troopers say the other car was driven by a 48-year-old Wasilla woman, whose drivers license had been revoked. Furthermore, she had a warrant for her arrest related to her failure to report for a DUI charge appearance.

Whenever loved ones are killed in auto accidents that are caused by the negligence or reckless behavior of others, the surviving family members typically have grounds to file civil lawsuits. Financial relief might be obtained if negligence can be established. An experienced wrongful death attorney can present the claim in the court, and if liability is determined, the court might enter a monetary judgment for economic and noneconomic losses that were sustained.

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