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Auto accidents: 2 dead, 2 injured in single-vehicle crash

It appears two injured passengers were left at a crash scene in Alaska for about 18 hours before they were transported to a hospital. This was one of those auto accidents that was only discovered many hours after it occurred. According to the Wrangell police department, the two individuals were in a car that crashed sometime during the night on a recent Sunday. They say two other occupants of the vehicle did not survive.

Reportedly, the accident occurred in the vicinity of Pat's Lake. A resident apparently noticed debris of brush in the area on Monday evening. When the person cleared the brush from the roadway, he or she noticed a car had crashed and gone down an embankment near the bridge. The police were called, and they responded to the scene along with emergency services.

Upon reaching the wreck, rescue workers discovered that the driver and one passenger were deceased. Two surviving passengers were transported to a medical facility for treatment. A preliminary crash report indicates that police believe the vehicle was northbound at an excessive rate of speed when the driver lost control and drove over the edge down the embankment. They believe the crash occurred at around midnight on the previous day.

Whenever lives are lost or injuries are suffered in single-vehicle auto accidents that resulted from the drivers' negligence, the injured victims and the surviving family members of the deceased occupants of the vehicles may seek damage recovery. This could be a complicated process that could be simplified with the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney. If such lawsuits are successfully navigated in an Alaska civil court, financial and emotional damages might be recovered.

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