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Navigating a wrongful death lawsuit in Alaska can be challenging

When an Alaska family loses a loved one in circumstances that involve another party's negligence, the trauma will naturally be overwhelming. At the same time, there will be financial consequences that may exacerbate the hardship further. Financial relief could be pursued by filing a wrongful death lawsuit in a civil court.

Such legal action is complicated, and the plaintiffs will have to prove that negligence, recklessness or deliberate actions caused the death rather than the deceased person's actions or inaction. Furthermore, they will have to show their suffering of measurable damages brought about by the wrongful death. Immediate family, such as the deceased person's children and surviving spouse, are typically allowed to file such a lawsuit, but exceptions might allow extended family members or stepchildren to file.

The damages that are recoverable in such a lawsuit include medical bills for the time after the incident and leading to the death along with the expenses related to end-of-life arrangements. Also, lost income that the deceased loved one would have earned -- based on normal life expectancy -- can be sought. Surviving family members may also claim compensatory damages related to their pain and suffering that followed the death of their loved one.

Wrongful death lawsuits typically follow automobile crashes, medical malpractice, workplace accidents or unlawful acts. To improve the surviving family members' chances of receiving full recovery of damages, the assistance of an attorney who is experienced in dealing with the civil justice system of Alaska might be helpful. A lawyer can determine whether there are grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit and then provide advocacy throughout any ensuing legal proceedings.

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