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Navigating a slip-and-fall lawsuit can be challenging

Whenever anyone in Alaska suffers injuries on negligently maintained premises of another person or entity, the injured person might have grounds to pursue financial relief through the civil justice system of the state. Typical incidents that give rise to premises liability lawsuits involve slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents. When this happens inside a building, common causes include torn carpets, wet patches on the floor, poor lighting, changes in flooring, and narrow or damaged stairs. However, accidents can also occur outside due to broken sidewalks, accumulated ice, snow, water and other hazards.

The basis on which premises liability claims are judged is proof of negligence. To establish negligence, the plaintiff will have to show that the injuries were caused by dangerous conditions and that the property owner was aware of the hazards -- or should have known about it -- but failed to address it. Also, it must be proved that the plaintiff could not have avoided the danger because it was not visible.

To improve the chances of successful recovery of damages, the victim must gather as much evidence as possible at the scene and document the injuries he or she suffered. Recording the effects of the injuries on ones' personal and professional life is essential, and one should include documented proof of medical expenses for doctors, hospital visits, therapists and lost wages. The contact information of any witnesses can be also useful in a subsequent court case. The injured person must also inform the property owner of the intention to sue.

Navigating a premises liability lawsuit after a slip-and-fall accident in an Alaska court can be challenging. However, an experienced personal injury attorney will know precisely how to proceed, and with the evidence already gathered by the plaintiff, a successful presentation to the court might be possible. A lawyer will work on establishing negligence, and once the court determines liability, a monetary judgment may follow to cover documented claims.

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